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Accuplacer Basic Skills Test for Education

The following information is for UMHB Education students needing to take the Accuplacer to meet requirements for the Teacher Education Program. Those needing to challenge a UMHB course click here to use the appropriate request form.

Test Information:

  • This Accuplacer Basic Skills Test is for the use of the UMHB Education Department.
  • Basic Skill Scores in Reading, Math and Writing are a requirement for approval into the Teacher Education Program.  Scores must be submitted the semester the student is enrolled in EDUC 3315 or EDUC 3320.  These scores are required for approval for student teaching.
  • There is no cost for the exam.
  • Score results of the Accuplacer will be sent to the UMHB Education department but will not be released to other colleges, universities, or institutions.

Accuplacer Test Descriptions

Testing Center Guidelines:

  • The Accuplacer Basic Skills Test is only administered to current UMHB students.
  • Retake 30 days after your test date. Wait period is waived during the summer months.
  • You are required to give at least 2 business days’ notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. Email or call the Testing Center to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • If you do not come to your original appointment as scheduled, you will be charged a $30 proctor fee, that will be due at the time of testing. Space is limited and our goal is to try to give everyone an opportunity to test.

Alternative Testing Sites:

Accuplacer may be administered remotely at another testing site. Request a "Remote Testing Voucher" which will allow you to test at another site. Your test scores will be sent to the UMHB Testing Center.

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