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Test Descriptions

ACT National Assessment plus Writing (

The ACT Assessment was designed to measure knowledge and skills typically taught in high school that are important for successfully completing a college education. It contains tests from four general subject areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning and Writing Skills. A score of 27 or above is required on the ACT Assessment (National or Residual) to be considered for credit. Questions regarding ACT credit should be referred to the Registrar's Office.  Admission score requirements are according to whatever UMHB catalog is in effect at the time of admission. Information and instructions for registering for the ACT National Assessment and test dates can be found on-line at

ACT Residual Assessment plus Writing

The purpose of the ACT Residual Assessment is for UMHB to obtain data on enrolled, admitted, or applicant students who were unable to take the ACT Assessment on a national test date. The ACT Residual Assessment is given by appointment only on scheduled dates.

Students eligible for ACT Residual Assessment must be 1) currently enrolled, 2) admitted to UMHB, or 3) in the process of applying to UMHB, and not have taken any form of the ACT Residual Assessment within the re-test restriction period. There is a minimum 60 day re-test restriction period which must elapse before another ACT Assessment may be taken. Score reports for the residual assessment will be sent only to UMHB.

Accuplacer Exam

The Accuplacer is an exam offered by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor to help the univeristy place students into appropriate level classes. Students are not required to take this exam, but students who do not meet the requirements for college-level placement in Math or English may wish to take this exam as a guide to judge course placement.

The Accuplacer assists the university in evaluating a student's academic strengths and weaknesses. Each test is an untimed, computer-adaptive test. Each test usually takes about an hour and results are provided upon completion. The results will include course placement suggestions for the individual student. UMHB does not charge a fee for the exam. Accuplacer scores from tests administered at UMHB are for the use UMHB and will not be released to any other college, university, or institution.

Attention Education Majors: Basic Skill Scores in Reading, Math and Writing are a requirement for approval into the Teacher Education Program.  Scores must be submitted the semester the student is enrolled in EDUC 3315 or EDUC 3320.  These scores are required for approval for student teaching.

You may visit the official Accuplacer website here to get more information. Additionally, you may view sample questions here. There is also an offical Accuplacer Study App available for download. This app includes interactive tests to help prepare you for the exam.

CLEP - College Level Examination Program (

In some instances, a student may feel that he/she has sufficient knowledge in a certain subject area and does not wish to take the particular subject course. In such cases, the student may request to take a CLEP Examination in the particular subject area(s). To receive credit for the particular corresponding offered course, the student must obtain a score at or above the respective score listed on the Credit by Exam table.

CLEP Examinations are administered by computer only and last approximately 90 minutes. Students may receive score results for most exams upon completion, with exception to exams requiring essays (allow 2-4 weeks following the test date for pending results). Students are tested by appointment only.

CLEP Examinations are given at most colleges and universities. Detailed descriptions of CLEP Examinations, sample questions, and suggested resources for preparation are included in The CLEP Official Study Guide, available at most major bookstores, or from CLEP on the Internet.

Students in the Armed Forces have CLEP Examinations available at no charge through the Education Services Center at Fort Hood or other military installations. DANTES Test Centers have reproducible copies of sample tests from the individual study guides. Contact the Education Services Officer or visit the DANTES website at

Do you need help preparing for a CLEP exam? Get ready with resources from the College Board found at

AP Exams–Advanced Placement Exams (

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are for students with exceptional knowledge in specific subject areas. The student must have taken the respective course prior to the testing. These tests are not available at UMHB; however, scores are evaluated for possible acceptance at UMHB. Students must obtain AP Exams and information from their local high school. To receive credit or advance placement in the tested subject area, the examinee must attain scores as noted on the Credit by Examination table.

IB - International Baccalaureate Exams (

IB Examinations are accomplished by students prior to entering the university. Currently, IB scores are considered for credit on a case-by-case basis. Acceptability decisions and credit approvals or recommendations are made by the respective department chairpersons.

Departmental Examinations

Departmental Examinations for credit will only be accomplished with the respective department's approval. Each department is solely responsible for establishing criteria for granting credit via departmental examinations and should therefore be contacted with any questions pertaining to this matter.


Miscellaneous Testing Services

G.R.E. - Graduate Record Examination (

The Graduate Record Examination is composed of the results of continuous predictive research and is an entrance requirement for many of the graduate programs. The pencil/paper version of this examination is no longer offered by ETS (Educational Testing Services). Computer-based GRE testing is now the only method of testing offered for the GRE General Examination and is available at various Central Texas-area Sylvan Learning Centers. Other sites may administer this examination and are specified in the Registration Bulletin. GRE Subject Examinations are offered on national testing dates at locations specified in the Registration Bulletin. GRE scores are only released by ETS (Educational Testing Services) to accredited academic institutions and approved graduate fellowship sponsors and only with the written consent of the examinee. Please refer to Graduate Admissions for information on GRE scores as related to admissions criteria. Fees for GRE testing are scheduled in the GRE Registration Bulletin. Testing accommodations for examinees with documented disabilities are available as approved by ETS (Educational Testing Services) and should be appropriately noted by the registrant on the GRE Registration form.

Interest Inventories and Career Services

Students desiring assistance in career choices, academic major choices, and personal interest/skills inventories can find numerous resources in the Career Services Center. Contact Don Owens, Director of Career Services, (254) 295-4691 

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test (

Currently, this test is not offered at UMHB. Those requiring information about the SAT should contact a high school counselor for registration information. Questions regarding acceptability of SAT scores should be directed to the Office of Admissions, 

TOPT - Texas Oral Proficiency Test

The Texas Oral Proficiency Test is required of all students who are certifying to teach Spanish or French, or using either of those languages as their academic specialization for elementary certification. It is not offered at UMHB. Information and registration brochures can be obtained from the College of Education, (254) 295-4572.

ExCET - Exam for Certification of Educators in Texas(

This test is not offered at UMHB. Information can be obtained from the College of Education, (254) 295-4572.

MCAT – Medical College Admissions Test (

This test is not currently offered at UMHB. Information is available from Dr. Kathleen Wood, (254) 295-5041.

GMAT - Graduate Management Admissions Test (

This test is for students entering the UMHB Graduate School of Business and other universities. Testing is not currently offered at UMHB. Registration information can be obtained on-line.

MAT - Miller Analogies Test (

This test is not offered at UMHB. Information is available on the above Internet website.

Correspondence Testing

This testing is conducted for students who need proctoring for correspondence exams from other universities. Correspondence exam proctoring is accomplished by appointment only. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all proctor request forms are completed according to the originating university's policies.

Foreign Language Achievement Testing

These exams are intended for those students who are proficient or fluent in the language being tested. Students who pass these exams will receive credit for applicable courses. These exams are offered in cooperation with other universities. Application forms and proctoring arrangements can be made through the UMHB Counseling & Testing Center.

Statement of Confidentiality

All tests and results are strictly confidential in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and policies of respective testing corporations. Disclosure of information cannot be made without an examinee's consent.