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Flu on Campus - 11/7/2016

  • It's not too late to get the flu shot. You will have full immunity after 2 weeks.
  • Virus is spread through sneezing, coughing, sharing drinks, kissing, shaking hands with someone who sneezed or coughed on their hand, and touching infected surfaces.
  • Symptoms include fever (100 degrees F or higher), chills, runny nose, headache, sore throat, cough, body aches or pain.
  • Prevent flu by getting the flu shot, eat balanced meals, get plenty of sleep, wash your hands often, avoid people who may be sick.
  • Treatment includes over the counter medicines, prescribed medicines (within 24-48 hours of first symptoms), rest, drinking lots of fluids, avoiding others and washing hands often to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Do not go to class until you are fever free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medicine). Have your doctor, Resident Director, or the Campus Nurse validate your fever so you can provide an excuse for missing class.

Zika Virus 

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  • Zika virus is transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes.  It causes mild fever and rash.  Other symptoms include muscle pain, joint pain, headache, pain behind the eyes and conjunctivitis.
  • Zika virus disease is usually mild, with symptoms lasting only a few days.
  • There is no cure for Zika virus disease.  Treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms.   Incubation period is typically between 2 and 7 days.
  • Prevention and control relies on reducing the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes and minimizing contact between the mosquito vectors and people by using barriers (such as repellents, insect screens), reducing their habitat.
  • Zika virus can harm the unborn baby of pregnant women.  If you are of childbearing age take precautions against the disease if you must travel to Zika areas.  It is advised to not travel to those areas where the virus is known to inhabit. 

	World map showing countries and territories with reported active transmission of Zika virus. Countries are listed in the table below.