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Health Center Services

Nurse Appointments

  • Services are offered by appointment.
  • Same day appointment available unless all times are filled then an appointment will be scheduled for the next business day.
  • Call (254) 295-4696 or request an appointment in person.
  • UMHB does not have a Physician on campus. If you need to have a prescription filled or any other professional services please contact a local health care provider. Click here for a list of local clinics. Contact your health insurance company to locate a provider in your network. This information is usually found on the health insurance company's website.


Mabee Student Success Center (3rd floor).
Office: (254) 295-4696
Fax: (254) 295-4196.


Contact the Campus Police at (254) 295-5555 or 911. There is a hospital emergency room within six miles of the campus. UMHB does NOT have a physician on campus. Please contact your insurance company as to which clinics are "in network" for your health plan.

General health info may be obtained by calling Little River King's Daughters Clinic After Hours (5pm-7:30am) Triage Nurse at 298-2400 [prompt #2] or the Scott and White Pan Nurse: 724-7037 - 24/7, 24 hours-a-day.

Services Available on Campus Include:

  • Illness evaluation and referral as necessary (which can include free & low cost clinics)
  • Health information is provided to each RA (resident assistant) office in the dorms
  • Vaccines:  Flu (fall semester) and TB skin testing (July, August, December-Januray) or until supplies last
  • Over-the-counter medication with personal instructions for use
  • Minor trauma/injury care
  • Suture removal
  • Physician referrals
  • Wellness education information
  • Breast and testicular self-exam information/instruction
  • Health Quest: multidisciplinary groups share health information
  • Make students aware of available services in the area
  • Here to listen, will refer to UMHB counselors as needed

CPR Classes

CPR classes are offered by Nurse Debbie Rosenberger on a limited schedule (usually at the end of the semester or summer) in a group of 7-9 by appointment.

Additional CPR Instructors:

  • Simone Tucker (254) 535-4915 (UMHB)
  • Daryl Hausam (254) 295-4239 (UMHB)
  • Mark Wolf (254) 780-1005 (Belton)
  • Brandon Miles (254) 939-8630 (Belton)
  • Shawntay Harris (254) 415-9461 (Kileen) ask for UMHB discount

    Prices vary per each instructor.
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