Counseling, Testing, and Health Services

Health Form Requirements

  1. Health forms are required as part of the application for residence hall living and those born outside the US and not a US citizen, with or without a green card or Visa.  Those born outside the US are required to supply the Health Center with your medical history AND the validation that you have a negative TB skin test &/or negative chest x-ray along with a copy of your shot records.  This requirement is for undergraduates AND graduate students.  Students who have not attended classes for more than one school year are expected to resubmit current information.
  2. You are expected to have completed a primary series of childhood immunizations which should have included: DPT, Polio, MMR and others depending on your high school graduation date. If you or your parents claimed an exemption to these childhood immunizations the University will need a copy of the exemption.
    • These may be done at your physician's office or your county health department.
    • Your county health department will usually offer this.
      Students 18 years old or younger may receive their required/recommended vaccinations for a substantial reduced rate by checking with their local county health department. Once students turn 19 they no longer fall under the federal program: Vaccines for Children and the prices go up. If you begin a series at age 18 you will continue to receive the vaccine series for the lower rate even if you turn 19 prior to finishing the series.
    • If you have ever tested positive to a TB skin test, a current negative chest x-ray is required.
  3. A TB skin test, from within one year prior to enrollment is required for ALL students who have been OUTSIDE of the United States in the last year.
  4. A current tetanus booster is recommended for students. Tetanus boosters expire after 10 years, most of you had one at age 14 or 15 in high school. If the date of your last tetanus booster will expire during your enrollment at UMHB, please have your booster updated.
  5. Meningitis, varivax (chicken pox vaccine – 2 doses), having two (2) MMRs [measles, mumps and rubella - one dose is considered unreliable coverage against disease] and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A and the HPV vaccines are encouraged, as per the Texas Department of Health, the CDC, ACIP and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor but are not required at this time.
  6. Send photocopies of shot records to the UMHB Health Center.
  7. For those actively serving in the U.S. military, a photocopy of a current military ID is acceptable proof of all current immunizations.

F.Y.I. The physician's physical examination is encouraged, but NOT REQUIRED

If you have any questions, please stop by the Health Services Center, Mabee Center, Suite 3 West
or call (254) 295-4623/ (254) 295-4696 or 1-800-727-UMHB, ext. 4623 or 4696
FAX (254) 295-4196

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