Counseling, Testing, and Health Services

Request for Shot Record

To obtain a copy of your shot record:

Request a copy in person.

  1. Come to the Counseling, Testing & Health Services office.
    Located in the Mabee Student Success Center on the third floor.
  2. Provide a valid photo ID (driver's license or Cru card) to the front desk.
  3. Your record will be provided to you when you come in.
    You can request a printed copy or have it scanned and emailed to you.

Request a copy to be sent to you.

  1. Print and complete an Authorization for Release of Medical Records form.
    Complete in full and include a written signature (typed name will not be accepted).
  2. Send the completed form to the UMHB Health Center.
    Fax to 254-295-4196 OR Scan & Email to
  3. Allow at least 2 business days but up to 14 days for processing.
    Please plan ahead to allow for any deadlines you may have.
  4. The record will be released to you only. It is your resonsiblity to submit your record to the college, institution or company that has requested it from you.

Authorization for Release of Medical Records Form

Remember to keep a copy of your record for future use.

  • Upload your record to Drop Box or the Cloud so you are able to access it easily.
  • Take a picture of your record to store in your phone.
  • Provide a copy of your record to ImmTrac through Texas Department State Health Services. ImmTrac does not keep your records after age 18 unless you give permission. See ImmTrac website for details.

Record Availability:

The Health Center will only have the records that you have previously submitted for admissions. If you submitted your shot records to another department on campus, like College of Nursing or Athletics, you will need to contact that department to obtain your records. Records provided before 2004 are no longer available.